Archetype Journeys

Tarot archetypes can be thought of as living channels for personal growth! Each one carries a unique transmission, contemplation, and path to expansion.

Working with a monthly archetype has helped me tap into creative power and make new discoveries about myself.  I find it so therapeutic and fun that I’m now devoting time to helping others explore this path!

Here are some benefits of working with a tarot archetype:

  • you access fresh inspiration/ creative energy
  • you gain new self-knowledge
  • You discover new ways of relating and expressing in the world
  • You find more self-acceptance
  • you integrate the shadow (confusions, desires, hopes, fears)
  • Your self confidence grows because you feel more whole

My coaching style is yin, relaxed, respectful of your instincts and intuition, and you can consider me a ‘space holder’ who provides you with raw materials to assist your journey of transformation/ awakening. It centers on alchemy, shadow work, and the art of devotion. Archetypes are beyond gender, so are a more creative way to address sensitive themes like ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ energies.

What’s included:

  • An introductory session where we pull your tarot archetype to work with
  • Weekly 1-1 coaching conversations (these may include oracle card pulls, guided meditations, teachings, or a safe space for you to feel listened to without judgment)
  • Weekly ‘explorations’ to embody your archetype
  • Weekly teachings about your archetype
  • Creative raw materials (devotional rituals, journal prompts, embodiment activities)
  • Tarot readings to go deeper into your archetype

To register, book a discovery call HERE