Ace of Wands and Risk Taking

Risks open us to the unknown. Keep our life force activated. Build confidence, belief in ourselves.

One risk I started taking this year was to expose myself in video.

Everytime I post one it feels like entering the unknown- maybe people will like it, maybe they won’t, maybe they’ll unfollow me. Maybe nobody will watch it.

But it’s exciting and liberating because I’m giving myself permission to really go for it, be exposed following my passion, no matter how weird or nerdy or uncomfortable or woowoo it looks. I’m fucking being me. And we all deserve to be ourself and follow that golden thread and let people see our inner light- and usually it’s following your passion and taking risks that turns on that light!

And if you took the risk and got rejected? Stop a minute and just recognize- revel in- the badassery and courage it took to do it. Most people can’t even take the risk, let alone face the rejection. So give yourself a nod, some major respect to your edgy personality because it’s an asset on the path of originality and you’re working it. Learn from it, move on, but don’t ever make it about there being something wrong with you.

I can’t think of a better card to describe this than the Ace of Wands. It’s fire, passion, energy, and it’s busting forth ready to penetrate!

What is one risk you took this year or would like to take?