Hi, I’m Tara!

I’m a tarot lover and ongoing student/ practitioner of the nondual tantrik tradition, bhakti (yoga of devotion), and occultism. This multi-faceted spiritual path led me to create tarot & ritual sessions which I now offer to clients to help them feel safe, embodied, and supported on their spiritual journey.

In the past I’ve been a musician and have recorded sacred chant music. You can check that out here.

I’m a huge hermit/ nerd (virgo moon) and I love studying the Rider Waite Smith and Marseille tarot systems, as well as the Thoth and the Kabbalah/ tree of life, numerology, astrology, sacred mantras, and the philosophy of the tantrik yoga tradition.

As a Scorpio sun I cried a lot as a child which freaked out my Capricorn parents. Now I’m discovering being empathic is a gift and a doorway to access and digest emotions, something needed on the planet now. I’m humbled to be one of (hopefully) hundreds of thousands of people waking up to this truth.

I currently live in southern Indiana in an old farm house built in the 1930s on 30 acres of healing land with my roommate Alice and her 2 cats where much hiking, meditating, and safely gathering with friends is appreciated during these challenging times.

My purest motive is to help activate people’s own intuition so they can stop trying to ‘transcend,’ or fix themselves, and instead safely welcome more of who they are, and commune with the cards and rituals/ meditations as a way to more deeply and fully experience the essence of their own being.


Nondual Tantra: ‘Chakras Illuminated’, ‘Foundations of Tantra’, ‘Awakened Relating’ w/ Hareesh Wallis (2020); Subtle Yoga Teacher certification with Kristine Kaoverii Weber (2009)

Bhakti: Bhakti Immersion in India with David Newman & Shantala (2018); 3-day Bhakti Immersion w/ Jai Uttal (2017); 5 years drumming and chanting in a kirtan band (2015-2019); Led bhakti yoga events and taught classes at Inner Warrior, Frazier Museum, Yogaia, Eternal Health Yoga, Inner Spring Yoga, ZENner Mobile Yoga studio, Lotus Counseling & Wellness (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

Occultism/ neo-Tantra: Year-long ‘Female Path’ class w/ Claire Nakti (2020); Yoni Yoga w/ Sofia Sundari (2017); Throat & Yoni Connection Workshop w/ Luminary Woman (2020)