A Witchy Tip for the New Moon

New moon energy feels like renewal, fresh start!

There’s a sense of readiness and potential to explore something new.

Think of starting school, moving to a new living space, springtime, and the aces of the tarot. That’s the kind of energy we’re talking about!

The new moon is the best time to be intentional with the Universe, which ultimately means being intentional with yourself. But it’s not always easy.

Building the self-trust muscle is a real process! Sometimes it takes several moon cycles to realize the intention itself is misaligned, and it’s not till the intention is changed completely that deeper alignment with the truth can occur.

One way to support, activate, and clarify your true intentions is by using the elements: earth, water, fire, air.

During the new moon, you can ask yourself which of the four elements you feel most drawn to. You don’t have to know why, there doesn’t need to be a logical explanation. Just feel into it.

Here are some elemental associations you can sit with and contemplate as a way to support, activate, and clarify your intention:

Earth intention- personal resources, skills, value, self-worth, your time, your work, family, ancestors, productivity, finances, body care, and domestic life/ the home.
Water intention- relationships, connection, romance, attraction, bonding, spirituality/ fine arts and music, and love.
Fire intention- creativity, passion, sexuality, business, ambition, leading, traveling, and forward moving action.
Air intention- self-honesty, communication, intellectual pursuits, study, spiritual growth, learning new truths about yourself, assimilation of self-knowledge, and overcoming mental conflicts.

Happy intention setting and wishing you lots of sacredness, earthy pleasure, and self-worth!

The above info is from a pdf guide I created called Foundations of Moon Magick. It gives an overview of moon magick, tips for each moon phase, rituals for the new moon, a moon manifestation game, and key themes of the moon archetype and how to work with it as an ally. The guide is available for free here.

Above photo by Lauren Alexander Photography