5 Powerful Journal Questions for the Waning Moon

It’s the waning moon now, which means we’re losing light. The moon is reflecting less and less light so we’re being exposed to more dark, more shadow in terms of the moon’s unique intelligence, the moon’s unique connection with us here on earth.

What that means is each waning moon opens up a time to do what’s called ‘shadow work.’ I don’t really like to think of it as “work”, but just taking some time to be self-aware. 

Shadow holds things about us that are hidden, things that can drive our behaviors unconsciously.  Undigested emotions, instinctual behaviors, impulses all live here. Shadow can’t be known, but it can be felt and integrated.  

When this undigested material comes up, instead of distracting ourselves from it, or suppressing it, we can make an empowered choice to integrate it in our system, to digest it. 

What does that look like?  First of all, we can name the emotion.  Ask yourself what you would label it- fear? Sadness? Grief? Anger? Envy?  Hurt? 

If it’s too hard to name it, start to investigate it- what is its color?  Texture?  Is it moving or stuck?  Does it have a pulse?  Throbbing?  Is it hot or cold? 

Next we can start sitting with it in quietude.  Each waning moon take some time to be alone, sit in a comfortable seat, place your hand on your heart and be your own loving witness for whatever needs to come up and heal. Be your own emotionally mature parent.

Last, we can journal.  Here are some journal questions I give to clients and myself because they really give clarity on some of that shadow stuff we feel but don’t know why. 

Grab a pen and paper and try these now during the waning moon (or next moon cycle):

  1. What is ready to be forgiven?
  2. What no longer matters?
  3. What is truly important?
  4. What change must I embrace?
  5. What will carry me forward?

If you’d like to dive deeper into shadow integration and expansion check my ongoing program Moon Path where I help people chart a course to sacredness, receptivity, and self-worth based on moon phases and the tarot system.

(above photo by Lauren Alexandra Photography)