The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune, the energy of this card can feel two ways. It can be that feeling when synchronicities are happening, things are lining up, and you feel in total alignment w/ divine guidance. Or, it can feel down on your luck, like nothing is going right and the card is a signal telling you to tap back into divine guidance.

Contemplate the wheel which is rooted in the symbol of the circle. In some decks this card depicts people drawing circles, in this deck (Pride Tarot) it shows a disco ball!

Throughout history & in ancient civilizations circles were seen as symbols of keeping things sacred, whatever was placed inside the circle was powerful, intentional, and was a portal to manifestation. People danced inside circles. They put fire, sacred objects, and art such as mandala patterns inside circles. Spells were cast inside circles.

What do you want to place inside your circle? What holds immense value to you in life?

When you put your sacred intention into motion it moves your life forward like the wheel and you realize this card is all about learning to generate karma. This card can help you set intentions and move consciously through life.