2 Tarot Tips for More Exciting Readings

Today I want to share 2 tips that have helped me improve at reading tarot, and these also make reading more fun!

Tip 1: Pay Attention to Shapes!

When you throw down 3 cards, look for repeating shapes:

For example, in this spread:

  • 2 circles (the pentacle and the Wheel of Fortune). You could even choose to see the crown on the Tower as a half circle!
  • 2 zig zag shapes (lightning bolt of the Tower and a snake on the Wheel of Fortune).
  • Cloud shapes on all 3 cards
  • Windows of the Tower and a ‘window’ or portal of the garden on the Ace.
  • Both the hand of the Ace and the orange creature of the Wheel of Fortune are positioned in a cradling shape

Then analyze the themes that come up:

Circles= cycles/ evolution/ karma/ choice

Snakes and Lightning= intensity/ transformation/ shock/ change/ initiation

Clouds= Heaven/ Spirit

Windows= opening, vision, expansion

Cradling= keeping close, holding

And then sum it up:

The client is ready to expand and evolve spiritually. They are investing time/ money in their hopes and dreams. This person is seeking union with spirit over material comforts, even to the extent that they will spend their material money on spiritually expanding endeavors. They can withstand being thrown from their comfort zone and are learning to navigate by the true compass that’s inside them at all times.

Tip 2: Pay attention to which way the characters on the cards are looking!

For example, in this spread they’re all looking to the left. You can read this as:

  • the past
  • receptive forces
  • self-reflection
  • nostalgic about something
  • waiting for something to show up

Here it looked to me like they were all waiting for something. I wondered what it was, so I pulled another card: Strength!

The client is waiting for their self-discipline and control to return! They may need to work out some issues around an addiction, eating habits, health regimen, or lifestyle change. This self-discipline would bring them the confidence (Magician), goal achievement (World), and inner peace (Temperance) they desire.

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