10 Ways to Spark Creativity w the Tarot

These days it’s starting to become evident that the tarot is capable of much more than simple fortune telling or prediction. It can be used to activate latent creativity! Here are some ways you can use it as a creative tool to inspire you:

  1. Pull a ‘card of the day’ each morning and journal on it
  2. Do a 10 minute visual meditation on the card’s image
  3. Make a ‘tarot card’ playlist, pairing songs with the major arcana
  4. Use the cards as writing prompts
  5. Make up a story by putting 3 cards together
  6. Make up your own tarot spread and use canva to design it
  7. Bring a deck with you while hiking, pull cards to inspire your walk.
    • If you draw wands (fire):  walk faster, heat up your body, run, notice sunsets, the sun, light, heat, and movement/ things shifting.  Find an unknown path, an adventurous one that leads somewhere new.
    • If you draw cups (water): feel your feelings, cry if you need to, share a smile/ connect with another soul.  Hike to water, streams, rivers.  Try a nighttime hike and follow the moon.  
    • If you draw swords (air): listen to a podcast or clubhouse chat while you hike, feel the wind on your face, notice the sounds of the breeze moving through the trees, look at the sky.  Hike uphill, or up a mountain, enjoy the view at the top.
    • If you draw pentacles (earth): Walk slower, carefully, and with intention.  Notice wildflowers and plants on the ground, notice what the ground looks like- is there moss?  Rocks?  Is it flat? Winding?  Does it keep changing?  Study tree roots, take time to view birds and wildlife.  Walk a familiar path from your childhood, or one that leads to a familiar place that takes you to your roots.  
  8. Let the tarot deck decide your outfit!  Ask it what to wear and then pull one card- find clothes in your closet that match the colors, theme, element, and mood of the card.  
  9. Paint or draw your favorite tarot archetype- the tarot has so many archetypes- whether you are drawn to the queen, the fool, the star, the moon, the magician, or the wheel- use your imagination and draw it the way YOU see it, using the card as a loose guide.
  10. And finally, the ULTIMATE creative challenge:  let the tarot cards decide your day!  Start first thing in the morning by pulling a card and asking ‘what should I do?’ or ‘what should I wear?’ or ‘what should I eat for breakfast?’ and have fun letting the cards guide you!  For example, Strength might mean a very hearty big breakfast, and the Moon could be a pancake, or something round.  Keep asking ‘what should I do’ all day and see how your entire day unfolds. Documenting this on video or in pics can be fun too!

These were just a few ideas that came to me….but the sky’s the limit with this!  Happy creating 🙂

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