Hi and welcome to this space of tarot & tantra-inspired coaching/ resources!

Everything here is in service to Love! I’m passionate about archetypes, alchemy, pleasure-frequency, and living from the heart. I’m now in my 7th year of devotion to this incredible path and sharing what I’ve learned!

These offerings are for anyone interested in:

  • eros/ pleasure as a way of life
  • bigger creativity
  • greater receptivity and trust in your own longing
  • freedom and play as a natural state
  • self discovery through archetypes
  • self-acceptance on all stages of the journey

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Patreon (creative tarot prompts every Tuesday + early episodes of my podcast + a library of resources)
The Moon Matrix (attuning to the moon + magnetic frequency + restoring yin)


E-books that introduce you to tantra & give you practices, tarot rituals to connect deeper with your deck, & tips to harness the 8 moon phases to restore yin & magnetism.

A podcast that explores tarot archetypes via the people embodying them

A place to explore if you’re curious about quantum frequency healing/ vibratory medicine.

My favorite source for pleasure-activation/ love toys (crystal wands, jade yoni eggs, etc): use the code TARAKIMES to get 10% off!

My favorite source for conscious sexuality: Check out BEDUCATED


Inspired shares/ insights:

@moonmatrixcollective TikTok channel (Moon Frequencies, Radical Rest, & Emotional Wellness)
@feminine_frequency TikTok channel (Sacred Feminine Arts, Devotion, Eros)
@tarawiththetarot TikTok channel (Tarot tips, tricks, & teachings)

Tarot Readings

I currently offer tarot sessions via Zoom. My style is practical, creative, & in-depth. I’m patient, nonjudgmental, and compassionate and while I don’t identify as any of the ‘clairs’ (clairvoyant, etc.), I am passionate about the power of story, myth, archetypes, and symbols to assist us through transformation. I’ve found reading the language of the tarot helps us see creative solutions and opens our mind to new insights, action steps, and greater self-awareness. Here are some of my favorite types of readings:

  • Self-Love Readings
  • Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Readings
  • Shame Clearing Readings
  • Open Readings (Ask about anything you want- career, love life, personal growth, etc.)
  • In-depth ‘Soul Cards’ Readings based on your birthday/ astrology sun, moon, rising, and north/ south node signs.

Currently these are on zoom and include a live reading plus a summary/ captions/ photo of your cards to save to your phone for easy reference. To book click HERE.

I recently launched a podcast called “Tales From the Tarot”, where I interview people about their favorite tarot cards and stories from their lives that connect to the card. Check it out!
If you prefer the visual, here’s the Youtube version.

Sacred Eros Coaching for Women

This is a 3-session immersion for women that includes embodiment coaching and tarot spreads to awaken the intuitive/ sensual feminine. Sessions can be spread out over 3 weeks or 3 months. To learn more, visit HERE.