Welcome to the Tarot Temple!

Have you heard the news? The Tarot Temple Facebook group is now live! Come play in this space of fun tarot challenges, inspirational videos, and weekly creative prompts! This is also a space for celebrating moon phases, embodying the tarot archetypes, and connecting with mystical minded folks!


“I am so sold on your readings. These are incredible. Thank you.”- N.

“Wow! It’s very accurate…all of it! Thank you so much Tara!”- J.

Having a reading with each phase of the moon helped me process some of the internal struggles I have been having, and gave me a better understanding of how they could be tackled in relation to each quarter of the moon.”- E.

“This was exactly what I needed to hear. Incredible! The ancestor ritual is everything!”- M.

“Thank you so much for this reading. Nail on the head.”- S.

“Immediately into my full moon reading, I was crying with goosebumps all over.”- S.

“I have been simultaneously wanting and avoiding a reading.  Both because I was feeling lost and scared of what I might find.  Tara made the process very comfortable and helped ease my mind when cards came up that were intimidating.”-E.

“Worth every dag on penny!!!! You’re the tarot queen!”- S.

This whole thing is in service to the truth, and so we all walk the path together each moon cycle seeing where it will take us in 29 days! I warmly welcome you to join us 🙂

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