So many of us are waking up now… waking up to what we don’t need: mindless consumerism, addiction to the internet & illusion, ignorance of nature’s rhythms, separation.  And in seeing that, we’re recognizing what we’re truly hungry for:

– self-trust/ inner wisdom

– to feel pleasure safely & be given permission to expand in pleasure

– a sense that the world is not cruel but loving and supportive

– a sense of lineage/ honoring where we come from/ loving our roots 

– the lost art of ritual

– trust in the body’s sensitivity/ wisdom/ awareness  

– tapping into abundant energy/ moving with ease

– filling up with self-compassion and deeply secure love 

After 15 years of practicing mantra yoga, nondual tantra, and bhakti yoga I’ve learned some pretty effective skills for keeping calm, grounding into the heart, and building a safe container for digesting/ transforming emotions. I’d like to help others do the same.

Combined with tarot archetypes, creative rituals, and moon phase alignment, this has evolved into a sacred offering:  “Reading + Ritual” sessions, spiritual consultations that are done via email. I currently offer four unique types of sessions:

Since this is a brand new offering and I’m aiming to build trust with you, I’m offering the sessions at an affordable rate of $40 each. I am offering the Moon Experience which is a 5-session immersion and is a $200 value at an insanely low price of $88.

How it works:

Click the images above to learn about each offering or visit here for a summary of all four, and to proceed to payment.

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